Zatorland: what to see?

Zatorland is a huge complex of themed parks located near Kraków. This is a great place for both young and old, where people can see exhibits about dinosaurs and Greek Gods. Below, there is a list of things, which cannot be missed while visiting this place.

1. Trojan Horse

There is a story from Trojan War about an ambush prepared by Greeks to enter the independent Troy city. Thanks to contructors working at the Zatorland Park of Mythology – every visitor can find out how is it like to be a Greek warrior. What is more, almost whole park of mythology is placed on water – which makes the trip even more interesting.

2. Animatronic cockroach

Not many people know, that cockroach are known to humanity from ancient times. Now, there is a possibility to see this insect in a huge size, near to human, which moves and makes sounds just like a real one. Even though some might not be thrilles, the real bug lovers should enjoy the trip to Park of Insects, which is a huge exhibition of cicadas, spiders, butterflies and such.

3. Animatronic Agentionsaurus

Long neck and tail – that’s what will be seen by a person unfamiliar with the subject. But the real dinosaur fan will also notice the level of accuracy, as well as very realistic sounds made by this creature. Every person, who is interested in seeing this 35 meters long dinosaur, should visit Zatorland. This is also a great place to see many more representatives of long extinct dinosaurs.