Zakopane tours: city and the nature

While visiting Poland, there are many places one should definitely see. Among them, there is a city in Tatra mountains: Zakopane. Folks, who live there are known for their hospitality and the amazing wildlife around.

Tatra mountains

As everyone probably knows, the city is located in Tatra mountains, which are one of the most beautiful in the whole Europe. While taking Zakopane tours, the mountains absolutely cannot be missed. Good new for those, who aren’t a huge fans of hiking: some of the tops can be reached with ropeways.

Even though a trip to see the wildlife might be really tempting, one should remember about safety. Especially for beginners in hiking – it is advised to hire a professional guide, who will be able to show the safest ways around the mountains. The good news is that there are many of them, offering Zakopane tours, which can also cover the mountains.

What can be seen in the city?

The whole architecture of Zakopane is a piece of work itself. Even for those, who are not a huge fans of sightseeing, it will be interesting, as the alpine houses are a truly intriguing sight. What is more, Zakopane is a great place for museum lovers. Those, who wants to learn a thing or two of history about some of polish important figures should visit the museums located in the city.

Zakopane is definitely a place, which should be visited at least once in a lifetime: great views and amazing atmosphere guaranteed!