Why should we go to the thermal baths Krakow?

There are many attractions in Krakow. It happens more and more often that many people do not know what to decide during their stay. So what is worth doing in Krakow in your free time? Here are some suggestions on how to spend your free time in the former capital of Poland.

Krakow is becoming more and more popular

First of all, when deciding to come to Krakow, it is worth specifying exactly what type of entertainment you are looking for. You will definitely do something else with our children, and spend time with the other half in a different way.

How to spend your free time in Krakow?

There are many possibilities to spend your free time in Krakow. In this case, you should remember first of all that it is very important to visit the main monuments. They can be found on the main square and on the Vistula. However, the weather will not always be favorable for us, therefore you should choose, for example, thermal baths Krakow, when there will be no possibility of long walks.

Definitely Krakow has recently become a very popular place. Increasingly, many people come to the former capital of Poland, because it is here that you can find many attractions for children and youth, as well as for adults. However, it is worth remembering that when the weather outside the window is not good, you should choose entertainment other than sightseeing, for example thermal baths Krakow.