Why everyone is visiting Prague? – Prague must see

Hostel in pragueJourneys to Prague got popular only just few years ago. People traveling every corner of the Europe gradually started to take their steps to capital of the Czech Republic. And were amazed, what a gem they didn’t discover sooner.

Prague is surely city that is distinctive on the against a backdrop of others European capital cities. The city contains within itself a centuries-long history, which is greatly presented by its various architectural styles – from many periods of time.

Every tourist will be surprised to see buildings, which stand there since the 11 century. And, to be true there is more than one like that.

If you are interested in edifice, such as this, you definitely need to visit Prague Castle. First built in 970 AD, which is making him the largest ancient castle in the world. This monument of culture and history is place above the city center and have an excellent view to the city river of Vlatava.

If you will go there, you can be sure that you will be near the most popular tourist sights, like a St. Vitus Cathedral, the Powder Tower or the Golden Lane.

If you are wondering about place to stay, you would definitely go to some cheap hostel in Prague. They are plenty of them in Prague and they are much cheaper than hotels.