Warsaw you don’t know

Warsaw is known primarily for its typical attractions. The Royal Castle, Old Town and several museums are places that are visited by all tourists. However, it is worth visiting Warsaw in a different way and going to places that are not so popular. What different can you see then?

It is worth to change the course

In addition to popular places in Warsaw, it is worth paying attention to those less known, because it is in such places that you can get to know the character of the city.

One of the quite intriguing places is the adult playground. This is the winning draft of a participatory budget. Everything looks similar to a children’s playground, except that the play equipment is several times larger.

The Polish Vodka Museum in Warsaw is also worth seeing, because it is a place that perfectly describes the history of Polish vodka, which is known all over the world. For this reason, it is worth visiting this place and learn about the interesting history of vodka.

The Warsaw Zoo is another interesting place. If you are a fan of this type of attractions you will not be disappointed. The Warsaw Zoo is an idea to spend some cool hours.

It is also worth visiting Krasiński Square, where you can find the Krasiński Palace. It is one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Warsaw and throughout Poland.

Warsaw is a very intriguing city that offers many different ways of entertainment. In addition to well-known attractions, the city has a number of places that are less talked about, however, are equally interesting. Warsaw is a place that cannot be visited in a few days, so book at least a week.