Visiting Cracow: way to visit city in interesting way

Cracow is one of those places in Poland that you just have to visit. It is the seat and capital of kings, a city with the longest history in Polish history. Cracow is an ideal place for tourists, history or art enthusiasts. The city is full of several-century monuments, especially the Old Town, has in its walls the former Jewish district of Kazimierz, as well as the working-class district from the times of the Polish People’s Republic, ie Nowa Huta.

Near Cracow, there is the world-famous Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp (Museum in Oświęcim), as well as the beautiful Salt Mine in Wieliczka. From Cracow it is also close to Zakopane, and thus to the Tatra Mountains.

What to see in Cracow? Here are 5 places must see. Above all, the Wawel Royal Castle, the Cathedral (on the hill at the Vistula, Crak City). Also interesting is the Main Square, and above all, the Market Underground (Underground Museum in Krakow), Cloth Hall, St. Mary’s Church, St. Adalbert, Town Hall Tower, Adam Mickiewicz Monument.

Also of interest is the Barbican, the Florian Gate, the defensive walls (near the Main Market Square). Jewish district of Kazimierz – Center for Jewish Culture, Synagogues (Tempel, Izaak, Old Synagogue, Popper, Remuh), Jewish Cemetery, Skalka (Pauline Monastery).

Also very interesting is Nowa Huta – Central Square (Centrum), Theater, Arka Pana, Kombinat, Manor House of Jan Matejko in Krzesławice, Museum of Polish Aviation, Cistercian Abbey, Museum of the People’s Republic of Poland.

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