Venice with kids? Tips to make your trip the most interesting

venice hostelsGoing on the trip with kids can be a real challenge. Especially when it comes to keep them interested and don’t give them much opportunity to be bored. But Venice is a city in which every child, as well the small tykes as the teenagers, will have something to amaze them. So if you don’t want to force your children to sightseeing, go to Venice. And it’s certain that they won’t to want sitting in Venice hostels HostelVenezia to long!

The first difference they will find interesting will surely be organization of community transportation. Which other city in the world have streets full of water and as a taxi have boats? Take your kids to tour on Grand Canal, and the positive experience of the visit will certainly go sky high!

Then you can take your kids to the Doge Palace. Despite the great Byzantine architecture, which undoubtedly it is, there is a place which kids will totally fall in love with! The dungeons. Great decorated palace of the Doge will contrast with medieval harshness of the prison part. Although, first impression will be great, don’t take too much time here. Wandering around the prison for too long, can bored the younger ones.

For the end go to the market and start to search commonly known Venice masks. Colorful and rich, as the city itself, will be the great ending for the first day of your trip.