Salzburg – the city of music and opera

Hostel salzburgSalzburg – the gateway to the Austria, city of Music and Opera. Known for its great, beatiful baroque architecture and astonishing placement. If your are going to Salzburg city, you definitely must visit places, which are connected to world-famous composer – W. A. Mozart. And to be true, it would be hard to didn’t go there. Because on every step you take on your trip, you will be reminded about him and world of music, whatsoever.

If you will be going to Salzburg in August, make sure to book tickets for Sazlburg Festival. Every year on that classical music festival are played the best concerts, by the most esteemed musicians, orchestras, and conductors. Even if you are not a big fun of classical music, it is worth seeing, because your journey will be absolutely fuller experience. Maybe the vibe of the city will change your mind, and you start to like it.

It’s good to go to the Salzburg Festival for one more another reason. This music event is taking place in the Fortress or Mirabell Castle. If not for the music, go for the astonishing architecture, which you will have opportunity to see there.

Salzburg has a big touristic base, so don’t worry, you will certainly find some good place to stay. Although, it is always good to book some room in a hotel, or hostel Salzburg in Salzburghostel, before you departure, and simply focus on the adventure, which is laying before you.