Pub crawl Krakow for everyone

Pub crawl Krakow

Not everyone loves the parties and drinks, but if they do, a pub crawl Krakow is the best activity ever. What is it about and why is it worth a shot?

Visiting multiple clubs at night

The pub crawl is exactly that: getting a drink or two at one location and then moving to another. It’s a great activity for those, who doesn’t like staying in one place for too long and also for people, who find it amusing to meet different crowds during one night.

Who won’t enjoy it?

Pub crawl might not be the best activity for people, who prefer staying in one place, drinking a beer or a drink slowly and enjoying it, maybe dancing a little bit. Moving between different clubs will be quite a nightmare for them – as it consumes time: dressing up, getting to the new location, buying a drink and finding a spot to enjoy it in peace – it will all be frustrating for those, who prefer sticking to one place.

Pub crawl Krakow

Where to go pub crawl?

In order to actually have fun instead of spending the night in cabs or public transportation, it’s highly suggested to pick the city center as a location for crawling the pubs. This way moving from one club to the other will not be really time consuming and what is more, it will be an enjoyable experience both during the summer and in the colder days. When the weather is hot, getting out is a great way of refreshing and when it’s cold outside, the crispy air will help to stay awake for longer.