Popular salt mines Krakow

Poland is a very beautiful country where people can find many interesting sights. However, it happens more and more often that many people have no idea where to go. For example, it is worth to decide, among others, even on short trips during the weekend to visit the most important places in Poland. One of them is certainly Krakow. This city is not only the former capital of Poland, but also a place where the seat of Polish kings was. So what is worth visiting in Krakow? Where to go to spend free time?

The best places in Krakow

Recently, many tourists can be found in Krakow. It is definitely a city worth visiting at least once in life. First of all, being in the former Polish capital, tourists can, among others, visit the Wawel Royal Castle. The market in Krakow is also very popular, as is the cloth hall. More and more people are also visiting the underground museum, which is especially liked by children.

Definitely Krakow is a very popular city, which is visited not only by a lot of tourists from Poland but also from abroad every year. People can’t forget that this is a city where there is very heavy traffic almost all year round and tourists can hear many different languages ​​of the world on the streets. Being in this city, it is worth visiting not only the center, but also the outskirts. Salt mines Krakow is a very popular place among tourists. More and more people are choosing salt mines in Krakow, because every person can learn about the history of salt mining in these lands, as well as even the history of Krakow. It is a very interesting place where it is worth going even with children.