Popular Jewish Quarter Krakow

jewish quarter

Poland is a country increasingly visited by tourists. Many investments have made cities more attractive to tourists. One of such cities is the former Polish capital – Krakow. The city offers a number of attractions and night entertainment.

The historic capital of Poland

Krakow was the capital of Poland before it became Warsaw. This city is very famous for many reasons. There are some of the best universities in Poland. It is also a city through which the largest river flows – the Vistula. You can also find the Wawel Castle and St. Mary’s Church there. In general, Krakow is a city where you can not be bored!

Plan for the trip – towards Kazimierz!

At one time Krakow was inhabited by many Jews. The remnant of this period is the Kazimierz district. This jewish quarter of Krakow is one of the points of virtually every trip to Krakow. This place is famous for its charm and unique history. Kazimierz is a district where synagogues are located and once there was a Jewish ghetto. During the war, this place witnessed many dramatic moments. It is now a world-famous district visited by millions of tourists each year.

Krakow’s Kazimierz is a place that you must visit. Jewish quarter Krakow with SeeKrakow Tours offers many possibilities. If you want to visit the whole city, you should reserve a lot of free time, due to the number of attractions and clubs, where you can party until dawn. Krakow is an extremely popular city, and Kazimierz is a great place to spend time. People who like distinguish food can find lots of exquisite restaurants there.