Most interesting places to see in Warsaw: Vodka Museum

Warsaw Vodka Museum is a great opportunity not only for fans of this drink. This is one of a kind chance to learn about different polish traditions and interesting facts concering vodka. If you are in the country just for a little while and you are looking for a place to visit – you should check it out.

Where is it located?

The museum is on Praga, in the capital of Poland – Warsaw. All the exhibitions are placed in old building, where in the interwar such treats as Wyborowa or Luksusowa were created in. Old manufacture “Koneser”, because this is the place we’re talking about, is a building complex creates in the nineteenth century. Revitalized, now this is a place, where you can learn about rich history of vodka manufacturing in Poland.

Not many know, that the production of this drink took place half a century ago. The process changed during the years in order to provide the best quality. If you are interested, what ingredients can be used to prepare vodka, you should definitely visit the museum.

Buying tickets: how to do it?

You can either get them at the cash register in the museum or via internet. Please be aware, that this place can be visited only by adults: the topic concerns alcohol and showing such exhibitions to children is prohibited.

If you are with a group of friends, who speak different languages that Polish or English – contact the staff with a few days notice: there is a possibility to organize tour with guide knowing such languages as Russian or Italian and many others.

Interesting history, fun facts

At the museum, there are many highly interactive exhibtions and even a small cinema, in which you can see a short movie about vodka making. If you were always interested, how this alcohol is prepared and how it was done at the very beginning – you should definitely visit the vodka museum in Warsaw.

At the end, you get an unique chance to sample different types of vodka with experienced bartender, who will explain the differences and anwser all your questions – should you have them.

More information about the vodka museum in Warsaw can be found here.