Many tourists in Poland

Every year, many tourists come to Poland. It happens more and more often that people really want to visit our country, but they are not fully aware of what is worth visiting. So what attractions are the most popular in Poland? What is particularly worth paying attention to?

The most visited monuments in Poland

Warsaw is definitely one of the most popular cities in Poland. Every year, many tourists from Poland and abroad come to the Polish capital. So what is worth seeing in this beautiful city?

It is worth knowing that during World War II Warsaw was badly damaged. The city was almost razed to the ground. One of the most visited places is certainly the Old Town. After the war damage, there is no trace in the oldest part of Warsaw. Thanks to the exemplary reconstruction, the Old Town in Warsaw was inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1980.

The Old Town in Warsaw is marked out by Castle Square and the Royal Castle standing next to it. This former royal residence was built in the 15th century. From the beginning of the 17th to the end of the 18th century it was the political and administrative center of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In the middle of the Castle Square there is the Sigismund III Vasa Column, which is the highest and also the oldest secular monument in the capital. The column was funded by Władysław IV Waza in the mid-17th century. Piwna Street, the longest street in the Old Town, 250 m long, leaves from Zamkowy Square. It is on this street that one of the most important religious buildings of the city stands, i.e. the church of St. Martin.

Being in the city is also worth visiting numerous museums, for example vodka museum Warsaw (check also this article). It is in the vodka museum in Warsaw that we can find many attractive curiosities about this drink popular in Poland.