Krakow stag activities – the best ideas

Krakow stag activities

There are many activities that can be done in Krakow during the bachelor’s party. Among them, there can be found some things that will be enjoyed by sports’ fans, some activities for party lovers and some things for people, who aren’t afraid of a little competition. What are the most popular Krakow stag activities?


One of the most popular activities is a shooting session for all the attendants of the bachelor’s party. For those, who would like to get some amazing memories, many places has prepared such treats as shooting sessions with the use of a Kalashnikov AK-47. This will definitely be a night to remember!

For sport lovers

Kraow stag activities doesn’t have to be located in the strict center of the town. If all of the bachelor’s party attendants aren’t afraid of a little water and some possible muscle pain afterwards, another great option is White Water Rafting: an activity, which takes places on Dunajec river and requires usage of pontoons, canoes or other water equipment for all the participants of stag do.

Krakow stag activities


There is also one of the most popular options: just a night full of alcohol, good music and beautiful ladies at nightclubs. After all, is there a better way to say goodbye to the bachelor’s status than spending the time dancing and having good time at a regular club or even a stripclub (if the groom is interested in such activities, obviously)? If so, it might be hard to find for many man.