Krakow is great!

Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland. It has extremely interesting architecture and places that are worth visiting. Over the years, it played a significant role in Poland, and until 1795 it was even its capital. This is the city that has a lot of different possibilities to spend your free time, that’s why you should book some more than weekend trip to stay at Krakow.

Of course, one of the points of the city that you must see is the main square. There is, among others: St. Mary’s Church with two towers of different heights. Inside the building you can admire the famous altar of Veit Stoss. In addition, Cloth Hall is also characteristic, where there are stalls with handicrafts and jewelry. Additional attractions of the Krakow market are historic tenements and the tower of the church of St. Adalbert.

Another “must see” place is the Wawel Hill. You can get there by one of the Wawel castle tour There is a royal castle and a cathedral. The castle was inhabited by many Polish rulers, and was finally inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The Wawel Cathedral is the most important church in the city. Many kings and rulers of Poland rest here. In addition, there is a reliquary in the church with the ashes of St. Stanislaus.

Krakow is great city to visit because of multiple possibilities of spending time. When you are limited by time, but you want to visit as many sites as possible, you should try to use one of the famous Krakow tours, like Wawel castle tour!