Interesting places to visit in Vienna

hostel in viennaIf you are going to Vienna and you are not much of a sightseeing person you will also find something for you. The city have much more to offer, than only great architecture and history of imperial family. Although, even places that are more like “common” to most of the people, have a touch of imperial family on them.

That thing goes for two places, that on the first sight, are not strictly associated with imperials, which are: Schönbrunn Zoo and Spanish Riding School. But soon turn out that even the animals were pupils and entertainment of some sort to the imperial family.

Schönbrunn Zoo is placed in the baroque complex of Schönbrunn Palace, which contains also gardens, Palm House and Gloriette. Palace was a place of summer residence of Habsburg’s.

Menagerie, which the zoo was created from, was started at the summer of 1752, and is the oldest zoo on the world. They have about 500 species of different animals, even those considered as rare. Vienna Zoo is the most modern zoo in the whole world. Animal compounds are design to be as natural as it can be possible for the animals inhabited the zoo.

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