Few things to do in Warsaw

Active leisure in the city can be very pleasant. Especially when the city has to offer many interesting places and attractions. This is the case with Warsaw. The capital of Poland is one of the most interesting places to visit!

A historical monument

Few people outside Poland know how tragic the history of this city was. For this reason, it is worth spending time at the Warsaw Uprising Museum, the Museum of the Second World War, or the Museum of Polish Jews. These places will bring tourists closer to the history of the city and will show how much respect is due to Poles for fighting and sacrifice during IIWW. You can pay tribute by lighting a candle at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Unusual places

In Warsaw there are many unusual places where you can spend time in an active way. Very interesting places are the Palace of Culture and Science and the Vodka Museum Warsaw: http://www.warsawinsider.pl/vodka-museum-opens/. You can see there things that you won’t find in other cities. In addition, there are many interesting cafes and pubs in Warsaw. You can taste a variety of beers and drinks, and the best baristas will prepare delicious coffee. Those interested in science should visit the Copernicus Science Center and meet their quizzes and puzzles.

Warsaw is a very interesting place. If there is such a possibility, everyone should visit this unusual city. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the history of this city, because it is very serious and tragic. Later, it is worth visiting places such as Vodka Museum Warsaw or the Royal Castle with Łazienki Park…