Energylandia – very popular in Poland


Increasingly, many people decide to visit theme parks. It is a very popular place where, especially on a sunny day, you can spend time with children. Energylandia is certainly the largest amusement park in Poland. So why should you visit this place?

Amusement parks very popular

Energylandia is the largest Family Amusement Park in Poland. It is located in the town of Zator, in close proximity to the city of Oświęcim. Energylandia is about 50 mechanical attractions, spread over 26 ha of land, a place of rest and fun for at least one day.

The variety of gastronomic zones in the park gives customers a large selection, from fully professional cuisine to smaller restaurants from the so-called fast food. There are also cafes and ice cream parlors for sweet lovers. The park hosts numerous shows every day, from 3D mappings to FireShow shows.

The park is divided into several zones. Family Zone, among others, is especially popular. Parents can enjoy the local attractions with their children, because having fun together is even more fun. In this zone you will find a lot of water rafting such as Atlantis, Gold Mine or Splash Battle, where during the ride you can shoot other participants using water cannons. There are also a lot of roller coasters that are still safe at the right speed. There is also a bit more extreme Dragon Roller Coaster, but thanks to security it is already adapted for children from 4 years of age. In addition, gentle Airplanes, faster version of the Formula 1 autodrome and the dark Monster Attack fear house, which we travel by train.