One of the most popular city in Europe

Recently, more and more people are traveling around Europe. Without a doubt, it is very easy now. So if we decide on such trips, where is it worth going? Warsaw is a very popular destination among tourists from abroad Warsaw is a city that does not escape from its painful, but also glorious, because heroic […]

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Energylandia – very popular in Poland

Increasingly, many people decide to visit theme parks. It is a very popular place where, especially on a sunny day, you can spend time with children. Energylandia is certainly the largest amusement park in Poland. So why should you visit this place? Amusement parks very popular Energylandia is the largest Family Amusement Park in Poland. […]

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Many tourists in Poland

Every year, many tourists come to Poland. It happens more and more often that people really want to visit our country, but they are not fully aware of what is worth visiting. So what attractions are the most popular in Poland? What is particularly worth paying attention to? The most visited monuments in Poland Warsaw […]

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jewish quarter

Popular Jewish Quarter Krakow

Poland is a country increasingly visited by tourists. Many investments have made cities more attractive to tourists. One of such cities is the former Polish capital – Krakow. The city offers a number of attractions and night entertainment. The historic capital of Poland Krakow was the capital of Poland before it became Warsaw. This city […]

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Few things to do in Warsaw

Active leisure in the city can be very pleasant. Especially when the city has to offer many interesting places and attractions. This is the case with Warsaw. The capital of Poland is one of the most interesting places to visit! A historical monument Few people outside Poland know how tragic the history of this city […]

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Cracow Sightseeing

Poland’s largest model railway is located in a former station building, the tiny world depicts the Lower Silesia region, including an astonishingly accurate Cracow Old Town in miniature. It’s not all for kids either – some of the little people are getting up to quite adult activities if you look closely enough… 

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salt mine krakow

Wieliczka tours from Krakow

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is often considered as a great place for a side trip from Krakow. But being a huge part of Polish national heritage, Wieliczka deserves better. As a matter of fact, it could be the main purpose of the whole trip and this salt-mine-centered attitude wouldn’t be inadequate. Wieliczka tours Wieliczka is […]

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auschwitz tours

Shocking and moving Auschwitz-Birkenau tours

Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp complex set up by Nazi Germany is a shockingly moving memorial of the recent past. The site is unmissable, unless you travel with kids under the age of 14, for whom the Auschwitz tours are not recommended. Guided Auschwitz tour Oświęcim is a medium-sized city situated about 40 km west of Krakow. […]

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