Krakow gun range

Where should we go? Krakow gun range!

Surely many of us are wondering how to spend our free time. We should not forget that in this case it is definitely a very good idea to travel. It is thanks to this that we can see many interesting places, as well as get to know a new culture and food. However, it is […]

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Krakow stag activities

Krakow stag activities – the best ideas

There are many activities that can be done in Krakow during the bachelor’s party. Among them, there can be found some things that will be enjoyed by sports’ fans, some activities for party lovers and some things for people, who aren’t afraid of a little competition. What are the most popular Krakow stag activities?

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Krakow nightlife

Popular Krakow nightlife

Recently, more and more people decide to come to Krakow. We should not forget that this place is very charming and therefore, we can find many different attractions there. So what should we consider when going to this city? What is very important in this case?

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