A fascinating place to see: history of polish vodka over the years

If you are in Poland, there are some places you just have to visit: Wawel, Wroclaw and its market and some other beautiful places. Among many interesting things to do and breathtaking views to see, try to find some time and pay a visit to Warsaw Vodka Museum. Why is it worth your time?

Half a century of tradition and knowledge

Vodka is being produced in Poland for more than five hunderd years. During all those years, the process was modernized and improved to the form that we know nowadays. Take the fascinating journey and find out, what is crucial to prepare delicious drink and what can be spared.

Vodka is not only an alcohol – it’s many years of tradition and polish habits. This drink is a part of many important events, such as birthday parties or weddings. Used for toast in pure form, can also be a part of some well known drinks. What is more, if you are willing to try it – sometimes, at the museum there are organized special courses for people, who would like to learn some drink recipes with vodka. Although be aware, that they are not a regular part of the exhibition and are extra paid.

Modern art in an old place

The museum is located in old fabric of such vodkas as Wyborowa or Luksusowa. The building itself was built in the nineteenth century and now, renovated, is used for the museum’s needs. The place is worth seeing, as the complex looks interesting.

Some of the exhibitions are interactive, some traditional. There are daily tours in both English and Polish, but if you need any other language to be used – just contact the museum staff with a couple of days in advance: some of guides can also speak other languages.

What is more, at the end of the tour you can participate in vodka sampling (warning: the whole visit is possible only for adults – children are not allowed inside). Under the supervision of experienced museum workers, you will taste the difference between vodka made of wheat, potatoes and other ingredients. This might be one of the most fascinating experiences, especially for someone who doesn’t live in Poland.